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High-Asset Property Division And Related Topics

With more than 20 years of experience in family law, attorney Ginny Hsiao of GTH Law Group often works with high-asset individuals and couples who are approaching divorce. She also assists clients of all income and asset levels.

How can you ensure that the division of property and debts in your divorce will be fair? Working with Ginny can provide peace of mind thanks to her strong track record representing people with complex asset portfolios. She will help ensure that you receive or retain the assets that are rightfully yours in your California divorce.

Ensure A Full Accounting Of Income And Assets In Your California Divorce

Southern California’s population includes many wealthy and upper-middle-class people with significant property to divide when divorce occurs. You may fall within this demographic if you or your spouse:

  • Owns a business
  • Runs a professional practice such as a medical clinic or an accounting firm
  • Is an executive or athletic director with considerable future payouts to account for
  • Owns investment properties, second homes and/or vacation properties
  • Possesses valuable cars, boats, collectibles and other costly personal property
  • Has overseas assets that must be accounted for in a California divorce
  • Has stocks, bonds, cyber currency accounts and other sophisticated investments

How can you ensure that the division of property and debts in your divorce will be fair? You may suspect that your spouse is hiding assets or that the valuation of your spouse’s business income and assets is under par. If Ginny Hsiao is on your side, she will not hesitate to bring in forensic accountants and employ other proven methods to ensure that your spouse’s financial disclosures are accurate and complete.

Start Divorce Planning Now

You may suspect that divorce is on the way but the process is not in full swing yet. This is an ideal time to do an inventory of assets with an experienced divorce lawyer advising you. Ginny can give you a checklist and help you get a running start before settlement negotiations, mediation or litigation are underway.

Or maybe your spouse has already served you with a divorce petition, and you must act quickly to keep close track of all assets. Ginny has experience guiding clients through divorce cases marked by urgency as well as those that have long lead times.

Put your mind at ease by consulting with GTH Law Group ias soon as you realize that divorce is really on the way. Call 888-736-0895 or send a message to schedule a consultation with a property division attorney at your earliest convenience. The firm has an office in Arcadia and in Irvine to serve you better.