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Immigration Solutions For Employers And Individuals

GTH Law Group is a trusted name in immigration law in Orange County, particularly focused on serving businesses with immigrant employees. Attorney Ginny Hsiao also advises high-asset individuals and people of all income levels who wish to apply for marriage-based green cards accurately and efficiently.

Discuss any employment-based or family-based immigration law goals with attorney Hsiao and get your case on track for success. Get help to assemble documentation right the first time and avoid delays due to incomplete applications.

Turn To GTH Law Group To Simplify The Complex Immigration Law Processes

Much of immigration law focuses on details. Errors can delay the process significantly. With attorney Hsiao advising you, your immigration case such as the following has a greater chance of success than if you tried to manage it on your own.

  • Family-based visas and green cards, including sponsorship for fianc(é)es or spouses or for parents and/or unmarried children under age 21.
  • Green cards based on marriage to U.S. citizens or permanent residents.
  • H-1B nonimmigrant visas for college-educated individuals with highly specialized knowledge working in specialty occupations such as software engineering and computer programing.
  • L-1 intracompany transferee visas for foreign executives, managers and others employed by entities doing business in multiple countries, including the U.S.
  • Citizenship applications, interviews and tests, most often for permanent residents in the U.S. who are ready to pursue naturalization.

If you do not see your immigration goal listed above, please consult with GTH Law Group anyway, and learn what you need to do next.

Don’t Face The United States Citizenship And Immigration Services (USCIS) On Your Own

USCIS supplies much free advice, forms and information online. Its website is a good resource but it does not give personalized counsel the way an attorney does. To avoid mistakes and delays, consult with a lawyer to help make sense of the complicated processes that you may face.

Call 888-736-0895 or send an email inquiry for help with business-based or family-based immigration issues. From the firm’s offices in Arcadia and Irvine, California, GTH Law Group serves clients throughout Southern California, statewide, nationwide and worldwide.