Solving Divorce And Immigration Problems For More Than 20 Years

Client Testimonials

I’ve been working with Ginny for over two years from now. I met her through a friend’s referral. She is very patient, professional and detail oriented. I really appreciated her excellent service and help on my I migration case. – Ellen


Ginny is one of finest attorneys I’ve ever worked with. She is prompt, punctual, consistent, and diligent in handling her clients’ cases. She always thinks of her clients’ needs first, and always does her best to ensure the best outcome for the client. I have retained Ginny on two different occasions, and she has been a great sounding board to allow me to bounce off ideas, ask questions, and give me thorough and detailed analysis and insight on all the issues related to my cases. I never feel uncomfortable talking with Ginny. She has patience with me, even when I ask questions, or if I’m busy and I miss an appointment, she doesn’t berate me, or belittle me, which is how some attorneys operate. In the past I have had attorneys that make me feel bad for having asked questions, or if I make a mistake with something I’m supposed to do, or if I don’t understand something. You know that with Ginny you have a real advocate, and a real partner, someone who will work with you, and will go the entire distance with you, no matter what the issue.  – Todd


She’s the best lawyer. She’s been with me since the hardest time of my life. Not only helping with legal, also gave me many other advice. Thank you so much for your compassion. – Mya


I’ve had a great experience with Ginny so far. She explains things very clearly to me and has been very patient and thorough with every one of my general questions and concerns. I’m glad I’m working with her because she has helped me get through the process very smoothly and with an appeased mind. – Marcela


Ginny is helping me with my immigration process. She is very attentive and answers all my questions. I would highly recommend her for any immigration related matters. – Donald